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COVID-19 Updates

Reopening of Community Participation Supports

  • We recognize the challenges that you and your families have faced with program closures and related  COVID public health restrictions over the past two years. It has been a difficult time.    
  • The Reopening Committee has worked very hard over the past month and we are so very excited to  announce the reopening of our Day supports effective April 4, 2022.  

Please view the following letter providing more information on the reopening of community participation supports here

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect our community, CLYS strongly encourages people and families to wash your hands, wear a mask and stay 2 meters apart. 

Please also visit www.york.ca/covid19 or www.ontario.ca/coronavirus regularly for the most up-to-date information. 

2024 Memos

Memo January 31 - Continuation of Mandatory Masking

2023 Memos

Memo October 2 - COVID 19 & Flu Season Precautions 

Memo July 13 - COVID 19 Guidelines update

Memo May 5 - COVID 19 Guideline update

Memo December 13 - COVID 19 Update and Reminders

2022 Memos

Memo February 10 - Gradual Reopening of Community Participation Supports - Including Centre for Belonging, Vision Quest, Richmond Hill Learning Academy, and Vaughan Learning Academy

Memo January 12 - Pause on Reopening

Memo January 12 - COVID-19 updates for families, guardians and visitors as per MCCSS Directives

2021 Memos

Memo December 31 - Update to Families and Participants of Online day Program Supports and Services

Memo July 20

2020 Memos

Memo December 22

Memo December 18

Memo October 9

Memo October 7

Memo September 3

Memo August 21

Memo July 22

Memo June 1

Memo May 1

Memo April 22

Memo March 31

Memo March 20

Memo March 19

Memo March 13


York Region Covid-19 Vaccine Confidence Digital Toolkit 5 to 11s

A Guide To Visiting Our Homes

Update December 21, 2021 - Addendum to COVID-19 Guidance for Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCSS)-funded and licensed congregate living settings


Information on Vaccination Certification

ActiveNet Step-By-Step Booking Guide – How to Create Your Account and Book a Vaccine - Click on the Link to Download Now

Children Aged five and Over are Eligible for First Booster Shot - Click on the Link to Download News Release Now - Click on the Link to Download News Release Now

Ramadan COVID-19 FAQs – Useful COVID-19 and Vaccine Information During Ramadan -  Click on the Image to Download Now


COVID-19 Information

Donning and Doffing N95s, Dos and Don'ts, and General Information Video

What to Do if You Are a Close Contact

Staying Safe At School

Staying safe at school

COVID-19 Vaccine Fast Facts -  Click to Download Now

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Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese